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Re: Request for Input on Creating Linux Courses...

On 12/11/2009 02:25 AM, Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
Finally got the go ahead to create two Linux courses to our College program.
Have included Linux in my lab since Redhat 9 thru the current Fedora 12, but
have just been able to show students little bits of it from time to time, since
the program is geared to mostly windows and some courses using AS/400
mini system.

The Ideal is to over a beginning Linux course, and an second level course as
a start. In the networking class, I have one 4 hour section where the students
go thru the installation of various Linux OS's,  and they can use the Fedora,
but many students still stay with windows.

Was wondering if people on the list might have some knowledge of material
that would best meet the needs of a community college program.

Last year I did work with 3 students on a Special project involving my G4L
disk imaging project, and it was interesting, but very focused.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The Ideal is to have it ready
for Fall 2010.


Be sure to read the article here:


as discussed on slashdot here:


The problem is with the ideas presented in current entry level /curriculum.

You cannot generate interest in "learn MS Word" as a basis for a class. What a waist for most students.

A class on writing long documents (technical papers or books) without a word processor would generate more interest and actually benefit potential writers.

It is a long established fact that word processing is like painting or coloring a document, rather that writing one. You become so consumed with looks, spelling and grammar that you forget to write.

A class on computing fundamentals without brand or bias would also be very beneficial. For instance: The x86 platform is not technically superior to many others. Associating x86 platforms with computing is like associating a browser with the InterNet. (Both are false concepts)

So my advice is to forget every computer class you have ever attended, and think outside the box. But please contact the NSF and request a copy of their new suggested //curriculum. It should be enlightening (I hope). At least it sounds like a very good idea.

I believe that application specific training falls to the trade schools, not for general studies at college.

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