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Re: No F-12 Flash -

On 22/12/09 19:08, Suvayu Ali wrote:
On Tuesday 22 December 2009 11:56 AM, Bob Goodwin wrote:

What is the procedure to install Adobe Flash Player in Fedora 12 [in
this case installed from the Omega livecd]?

8< ---snipped---8<
It results in an rpm that produces "libflashplayer.so" but does not
install it as the instruction implies. I copied that to
"/usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/" to no avail!

Just a small clarification, AFAIK the Omega LiveDVD was *32-bit only*. Then how do you have a /usr/lib64/ directory?

Thanks to all!

The problem was that Adobe provides the 32 bit file when you follow the menu on their page. There is however a 64 bit tar.gz file released 12/08/2009. Once I installed that I could see my crossword puzzles again.

All I know is that when I ran the Omega install on this computer it installed 64 bit F-12. If it had been an option I would have most likely let it remain 32, it came as a surprise.

Anyway the trick was to collect the right libflashplayer.so and simply copy it into /home/bobg/.mozilla/plugins. I did the same thing with the other newly installed F-12 using the 32 bit file and it now works too. That's a similar computer but is 32 bit.

I should have asked yesterday and saved a lot of wasted time and effort. Again thanks for the help.


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