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Re: Sound crackles at when logging in or starting to play in F12

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 5:09 AM, James Allsopp
<jamesaallsopp googlemail com> wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could solve this problem, whenever I log into
> F12 or start music, I get a burst of static through my speakers. I've
> done some research and found out about this, but is this likely to be
> the cause?

There's no harm in trying it out...

> The PulseAudio sound server has been rewritten to use timer-based audio
> scheduling instead of the traditional interrupt-driven approach.
> Timer-based scheduling may expose issues in some Alsa drivers. To turn
> timer-based scheduling off, replace the line
> load-module module-hal-detect
> in /etc/pulse/default.pa by
> load-module module-hal-detect tsched=0

I had made a note of this in F11 because it solved a very bad problem
running flash videos and other things. On F12 (on a new machine), I
had a problem with occasional (frequent) "ticks," like a skip on a
vinyl record, and had a problem where the mouse pointer would "stick"
when moving it about. Very annoying.

I finally remembered the "fix" in F11 and thought it might apply to
F12. I applied the "tsched=0" bit and have had no more problems.

By the way, module-hal-detect is loaded in system.pa on F12, not default.pa.

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