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RE: Moving to Fedora .. my GUI gone..

Hie there

I tried to install KDE (K desktop), removing GNOME desktop and all its
utilities from Linux Ubuntu since I wanted some nice features from

After rebooting.. Only the shell comes up..  the GUI is not starting... 

where could I be going wrong.. After converting .rpm files from the fedora
disc to .deb using "alien",I installed all the core KDE files...listed below

amarok		arts					compiz-kde
digikam		gpgme					im-chooser
caffeine		kde-settings-pulseaudio		kdeaccessibility
kdeaddons		kdeartwork				kdebase
kdegraphics		kdegraphics-extras		kdemultimedia
kdenetwork		kdepim				kdeutils
kdmtheme		kftgrabber				kipi-plugins
knetworkmanager	conversation			kpowersave
ktorrent		pinentry-qt				scim-qt..
scribus		xdg-utils				xdg-users-dirs
xine-lib-arts	zenity

Is there a registry setting somewhere, which needs to be edited, to point to
the new GUI (KDE). 

(o<     Ishmael Chibvuri
//\     Viva Fedora !!!
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Subject: Re: Upgraded Fedora 12, only loads shell...Need GUI if possible

On 12/22/2009 06:01 PM, Matt Kalinec wrote:
> Hey people...
> I just upgraded a 256mb ram laptop that I had FC11 running on to FC12, but
> now it only loads shell. I need the GUI accessible to, if that is
> I'm still fairly new to Fedora, and could use the help.
> Thanks!
> Matt Kalinec
According to the release notes, Fedora *should* run in graphical mode
with 256MB, but is that much really there?  That is, is your graphics
card using some of the 256?

If you want to keep that computer, you need more memory.




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