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Re: Nouveau driver with nvidia dual head

Copy the xorg.conf file from the cd to where it belongs.

On 12/17/09 2:04 PM, Kirk Lowery wrote:
I just installed Fedora 12 using the LiveCD. It discovered my nvidia and samsung hardware with the dual monitors. In particular, it stretched the default desktop background across both screens. All was well.

Until I rebooted. Then, when I logged in, the desktop background was no longer stretched across both monitors, but each monitor had its own complete copy. Everything else works right: all windows stretch across the monitors as one large desktop.

I've played around with all the settings, googled for the problem, no joy. I even installed the livna kmod drivers and they would only recognize one monitor. Besides, the LiveCD did TheRightThing(tm), so it ought to work.

Any suggestions on how I might proceed?


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