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Re: Moving to Fedora .. my GUI gone..

On Wednesday 23 December 2009 09:10:54 Ishmael Chibvuri wrote:
> I tried to install KDE (K desktop), removing GNOME desktop and all its
> utilities from Linux Ubuntu since I wanted some nice features from
> Fedora......
> After rebooting.. Only the shell comes up..  the GUI is not starting...
> where could I be going wrong.. After converting .rpm files from the fedora
> disc to .deb using "alien",I installed all the core KDE files...listed
>  below

Converting and installing Fedora packages on an Ubuntu system will almost 
certainly not work, especially if you are trying to install the whole KDE or 
something equally complicated.

If you want to move to Fedora, backup your data, reformat the hard drive and 
install Fedora *instead* of Ubuntu, not on top of it. Or free up a partition 
on the disk, install Fedora there and set up dual-boot. Or install it in a 
virtual machine under Ubuntu. Or run it off the Live CD.

But do not mix packages from both distros and install them simultaneously, it 
just won't work properly.

> Is there a registry setting somewhere, which needs to be edited, to point
>  to the new GUI (KDE).

AFAIK, the registry is a Windows artifact, no such thing exists in Linux --- 
nor Ubuntu nor Fedora.

HTH, :-)

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