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What is the smallest device that will run Fedora 12 ? Evolution ? Kontact ?

My wife is a busy professional person.  The organization she works for
uses Microsoft applications for scheduling and email.  The users access
their information via web browsers.  She is using the Safari browser on
her iPhone to gain access to her information.

My wife needs better access to her schedule and email.  Right now if she
doesn't have an Internet connection she doesn't have access.  And the
web user interface was designed to be used with a desktop computer with
a large monitor, not a small handheld device like an iPhone.

There must be a better way.  

I understand that some of the OS desktop apps (Evolution and Kontact)
are going to be working with Microsoft Exchange.  I suspect that when
they do she will be able to access her information via them.

So what is the smallest practical device that will run F12 ? 

How else could one run apps like Evolution and Contact on a small
device ?  Could they be made to run on a Symbian device ?  What about
Android ?


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