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Re: Moving to Fedora .. my GUI gone..

2009/12/23 Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko gmail com>:
> On Wednesday 23 December 2009 09:10:54 Ishmael Chibvuri wrote:
>> I tried to install KDE (K desktop), removing GNOME desktop and all its
>> utilities from Linux Ubuntu since I wanted some nice features from
>> Fedora......
>> After rebooting.. Only the shell comes up..  the GUI is not starting...
>> where could I be going wrong.. After converting .rpm files from the fedora
>> disc to .deb using "alien",I installed all the core KDE files...listed
>>  below
> Converting and installing Fedora packages on an Ubuntu system will almost
> certainly not work, especially if you are trying to install the whole KDE or
> something equally complicated.
> If you want to move to Fedora, backup your data, reformat the hard drive and
> install Fedora *instead* of Ubuntu, not on top of it. Or free up a partition
> on the disk, install Fedora there and set up dual-boot. Or install it in a
> virtual machine under Ubuntu. Or run it off the Live CD.
> But do not mix packages from both distros and install them simultaneously, it
> just won't work properly.

To add to that, if you can't live without apt, you can try apt-rpm on
fedora. Although its not perfect but comes pretty close to apt on


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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