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Re: grub configuration, boot.

Bugzilla from yehielb mail ru wrote:
> hello,
> I have been trying to look over many solutions and tutorials with no luck.
> my goal was and still is, to clone my internal 40GB hard-drive which
> contain 
> fc11 on to my external usb-hard-drive 500GB.
> aftar many tutorials I finally used Clonezilla.
> that worked great and the hdd is cloned.
> the problem is that the boot configurations are the same, and so when I
> boot 
> from the usb-hdd I actually run from the internal hdd.
> and now for the question.
> since this usb-drive is meant to be able to boot on every computer,
> I can I config grub to boot (run) the OS in the same drive it is being
> loaded 
> from?
> for example:
> my current setup is that the fc11 internal drive is sdb and the usb-hdd is
> sde
> and the same grub is (clone) on both drives.

A problem is that many systems switch the order of the drive assignments on
the boot from the USB drive.  The /boot/grub/device.map file has to reflect
what the system is doing.  This order is passed to grub with the line

root (hdX,n) 

in /boot/grub/grub.conf where X is the drive and n is the partition number
of the partition with /boot.

If you run in a root terminal session the commands

fdisk -l

to see exactly what the device names are.  Then run

vol_id -u /dev/sdXn

Where X is the drive and n is the partition number.  You will get the UUID
for the partitions.  You can then edit /boot/grub/grub.conf and make the
kernel line specify explicitly the partitions you want to use with the


An additional complication is that some utilities get confused when there
are multiple drive partitions with the same label.  Running from the
internal drive without the usb drive, you can use e2label to change the
labels on the internal drive.

If you are still having trouble, post the output from fdisk -l, UUIDs and
your grub.conf file for more help.

Robert McBroom

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