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User image for "About me" in taskbar in f12?

I have more than one machine running f12 - I use the gnome desktop with kdm as 
the login manager.

The machines run fine with one small slight irritation - on the taskbar as has 
been usual in gnome it is possible to select an image when you right click the 
username and click the image at the top left of the window that opens. However 
this image is not seen when you close the personal details window. Also the same 
avatar should appear in the kdm greeter screen alongside the username to select 
to login - but in f12 it does not appear to do so.

In f11 with the same process I do get the image displayed on the taskbar next to 
the username in gnome, and also in the kdm greeter screen.  In my f12 machines 
although the image looks just fine within the personal details window, it does 
not appear on the taskbar or in the kdm greeter.

Does anyone else see this ? Was there a policy change that is in place for f12? 
Am I doing something dumb and if so what should I do to get the behaviour that I 
would like for this?


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