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Re: Booting Fedora-12 from hard disk, again, again

On 12/22/2009 07:15 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
jackson byers wrote:

yes, but afaik the OP is not trying to "upgrade" or "update" F11.
Rather he is using F11 and the F12 iso, (no LiveCD, no thumbdrive)
and following the "hard disk" install procedure for F12.
F11 is left entirely unchanged.
When complete he will still have his orig F11, and also
a brand new F12 in a separate partition.

rick stevens:
There's no actual restriction on just where the ISO image itself is, so
long as you can feed the full path to Anaconda by specifying the device
and directory on that device (see
for details).

Agreed, and that is the best reference

As the OP, I managed in the end to install Fedora-12 from the hard disk,
by adding a suitable entry in grub.conf .
I'm not sure what I did wrong before,
but finally I moved the Fedora ISO and the images directory
to the top level on another partition, and all went well.

I actually found the reference above slightly confusing,
because it is not clear to me what is meant by
"the installation image for Fedora" that is referred to.
Does this mean the file install.img or the Fedora ISO?

"the installation image for Fedora" is the .iso file, when doing the
install from hard disk or network.  It's the CD, DVD or thumb drive you
booted from when using that a "distribution media" method.
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