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Re: User image for "About me" in taskbar in f12?

On Wed, 2009-12-23 at 19:49 +0000, Mike Cloaked wrote:
> on the taskbar as has been usual in gnome it is possible to select an
> image when you right click the username and click the image at the top
> left of the window that opens. However this image is not seen when you
> close the personal details window. Also the same avatar should appear
> in the kdm greeter screen alongside the username to select to login -
> but in f12 it does not appear to do so.

In the past, and it may be your problem now, that issue has arose when
the user pictures are stored in their own directories, and their
homespace has permissions that doesn't allow access to other users,
likewise for child directories and the image file, itself.  For GDM (and
most probably KDM, too), it's a special user that runs the login screen.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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