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Re: Login sound in gnome desktop.

sandeep Patel wrote:
I have installed Fedora-12.And I found here that there is no login sound in gnome desktop environment.When I logged into kde desktop environment I found login sound there.
Please anyone suggest me what is the reason? and How to solve this problem?

It's a well known problem.  For a user-specific login sound you can
make ~/.local/share/sounds/freedesktop/desktop-login.ogg a link to
the .ogg sound file (.wav will work too -- name the link accordingly),
and it will play when your login session starts.  You'll have to
create the directory, as it almost certainly doesn't exist.  Be sure
you have "GNOME Login Sound" enabled in Startup Applications

If you want to make the change system-wide, put the .ogg or .wav
file (or link) in /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/ along with
the other sounds already there.

It's a case of the configuration tools not keeping up with changes
in the underlying applications.  I had to do an strace to see what
the heck canberra-gtk-play was looking for.

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