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Re: A survey

--- On Thu, 12/24/09, Hiisi <very-cool rambler ru> wrote:

> From: Hiisi <very-cool rambler ru>
> Subject: A survey
> To: "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>
> Date: Thursday, December 24, 2009, 2:09 PM
> 1. Are you left-handed?
> 2. Do you use mouse with left hand?
No, unless it is an emergency.  
> 3. How to configure in F12 (Gnome) mouse pointer to be
> left-handed-mouse oriented (I mean how to mirror mouse
> pointer)?
You get a left-handed mouse if it exists at store, otherwise configure mouse to left hand:


Click on the 'System' menu and then click on 'Preferences' or press 'Alt' + 'F1' to access the application menu and then press the 'right' arrow until 'System' menu is highlighted and then press the 'down' arrow until 'Preferences' is highlighted.

Click on 'Mouse' or press the 'right' arrow to expand the preferences sub menu, then press the 'down' arrow until 'Mouse' is selected and then press 'Enter'.

In the 'Button' tab click on the checkbox next to 'Left handed mouse' to tick it or press 'Alt' + 'L' to highlight the checkbox and then press the 'Spacebar' to tick the box.

Click the 'Close' button or press 'Alt' + 'C' to return to the Gnome desktop.

Hope this helps.  Merry Christmas && Happy New Year.


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