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Re: A survey

On 25/12/09 01:41, Hiisi wrote:
2009/12/25 Mike Williams<dmikewilliams gmail com>:
On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 5:09 PM, Hiisi<very-cool rambler ru>  wrote:
1. Are you left-handed?
2. Do you use mouse with left hand?
3. How to configure in F12 (Gnome) mouse pointer to be
left-handed-mouse oriented (I mean how to mirror mouse pointer)?
Like Frank, I use my middle finger to left click when using a mouse
left-handed.  I do this because I often use computers that others also
use.  Being used to using the left mouse button for left clicking
enables me to just move the mouse, and be comfortable without  having
to reconfigure anything (and no risk of forgetting to put it back when
I'm done).


Dear interviewees!
Thank you for your responses. But you just don't understand. I know
how to configure mouse buttons for left hand (i.e. reverse buttons
functions). I don't know how to change mouse _pointer_ orientation. I
would like to change it like this:
I remember it was possible in the days of FC7.

   In xfce you can control that in Preferences > Xfce 4 Settings
   Manager > Mouse > Themes. I always set mine to point from the
   Southwest rather than the Southeast. They style and size are also


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