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Re: Cannot open www.netflix.com

Kaustubh Gadkari <kaustubh gadkari gmail com> writes:
> I just installed Fedora 12 x86_64. Everything works fine, except that
> I cannot access www.netflix.com in any browser (I tried Firefox,
> Konqueror and Chrome). I can access the site from Windows, as well as
> Ubuntu. Has anyone else faced the same problem?

Nope.  F12 x86_64 is running on all my machines and www.netflix.com
displays just fine.

I'd suspect some problems with name resolution.  Try putting this in
/etc/hosts and see if that fixes it.  If it does, you may want to stop
using your ISP's dns server and running a caching server yourself.  I've
never seen an ISP do as good a job as one would get by running the
current bind/named oneself. www.netflix.com

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht
If the airwaves belong to the public why does the public only get 3
non-overlapping WIFI channels?

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