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Re: Nouveau driver with nvidia dual head

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 12:24 PM, Greg Woods <woods ucar edu> wrote:
On Thu, 2009-12-24 at 11:43 -0500, Kirk Lowery wrote:

> What I'm after is a way to tell the xserver to do it just like the
> LiveCD does. I figure some boot (kernel?) parameter, or some command
> line option supplied to the xserver at boot time?

Did you try System -> Preferences -> Display (GNOME) or whatever the
equivalent is in KDE? 

Yes, I did. It was very strange: when I first brought it up, it had been properly preconfigured for my video card and recongnized my monitor type correctly. However, when I went to the tab for dual monitors, it was not checked. Fine, I thought to myself, I'll just configure it now and restart X and all will be good. I checked dual monitors. Selected the monitor type for the second monitor. And then I tried to save it. It just sat there. No, it hadn't crashed, it just acted as if the "OK" button was not connected to any code! The only way to get rid of the Display applet was to "Cancel". (BTW, I'm using Gnome, not KDE.)

Thanks for the suggestion! After I figure out what's going on, I probably should file a bug for this.


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