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Re: wireless problem.

Check to see what dmesg says. You may need the broadcom firmware, and
you may need to install it manually. Usually it goes into /lib/firmware.
You may need to install b43_fwcutter as well as b43_openfwwf. But first,
check dmesg to see if it is complaining about firmware. My laptop has a
Broadcom card, but it is currently running Ubuntu, and installing
b43_fwcutter automatically obtains and installs the firmware.

On 12/25/2009 02:12 PM, Adrin Jalali wrote:
> Hi there.
> I'm using fedora 12. I have a broadcom wireless  card and I can not
> use it. I used it very well with fedora 11 and earlier. I used to
> install akmod-wl and broadcom-wl. But something  is strange. My
> network manager understands that I have a card, but that card can not
> see any network. Furthermore iwlist scan shows me empty result set.
> Another thing is that when I try to disable wireless with network
> manager or try to start a virtual machine using qemu/kvm or VMWare
> workstation, both with a machine which has a network kard, my kernel
> crashes and I should restart my computer with hardware button of my
> case. I only can rmmod wl and then I can start those machines. I think
> that problem is originated by wireless firmware which is not
> opensource (as I think) because I can plug a USB DLink wireless card
> and work with it with no problem. But as I had not this problem with
> previous kernels I think someone can fix it, or tell me a workarround.
> Best Regards,
> Adrin.

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