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Wine (?) spoiling F12 boot

	Follow-ups set to gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.general

 	On my #2 PC, I had finally given up on preupgrading. I
copied /home/btth onto an external hard drive; did a fresh install; copied
/home/btth back (and did "chown -R btth:btth" on it just in case); did a
lot of customizing; did a PackageKit update, which called for rebooting;
did the reboot. That failed.

 	Somewhere among all the above, I got disgusted with the
display, which turned out to be 800x600 -- despite being connected
directly (no KVM switch!) to the 1680x1050 monitor. The app I tried to
correct with turned out (later, on another machine) *not* to be
system-config-display, but something called "gnome-display-properties"; so
I edited 1680x1050 into xorg.conf.

 	When I reboot, the boot messages look normal to me,
except for the left edge being truncated by one character -- until it hits
this line :

"[r]egistering binary handler for Windows applications [OK]"

 	At that point the whole display flashes, several times
per second for several seconds -- and then everything stops.

 	I can get into the machine with ssh.

 	I did; became root; took "Windows applications" with
upper case W as a clue; commanded "yum update wine"; and found wine up to
date. I tried "yum update samba" -- and found samba available but not

 	Still as root by way of ssh, I tried editing xorg.conf,
but saw nothing to change.

 	I tried googling the whole message above. That got
surprisingly few hits, all or nearly all in the Far East -- with a couple
in what looks like some Indonesian language, and several with a line I
believe to be Japanese, but otherwise all format of some enigmatic sort,
and no text.

 	So I took one more shot :

[root Hbsk X11]# system-config-display Couldn't start X server on card 0
Couldn't start X server with old config, trying with a fresh configuration
Couldn't start X server on card 0
Error, failed to start X server.
[root Hbsk X11]#

 	Now what??
Beartooth Staffwright, Neo-Redneck, Not Quite Clueless Power User
I have precious (very precious!) little idea where up is.

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