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Re: Flash drive name change -

On 26/12/09 12:49, g wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
I refuse to believe there's no way to do this from my Linux system.
$ locate label|grep bin/

run "man dosfslabel" and "man mlabel" for usage.


dosfslabel seems to assign a label all right but it still does not change the "name." Well it did assign a label, now I've broken something?

   [root box6 bobg]# dosfslabel /dev/sdc1
   There are differences between boot sector and its backup.
   Differences: (offset:original/backup)
      3:00/4d, 82:00/46, 510:00/55, 511:00/aa
      Not automatically fixing this.

My daughter changed one on her Mac without much effort. I did not see what she did. She changed it to FD3, thought she told it "fd3" but ... I have been trying to change it to lower case "fd3."

I have not been able to change it no matter what I tried. And gparted tells me I've messed something up with it! After messing with gparted for a bit it tells me Partition and File System are "unallocated" whatever that means, but it sounds bad!

None of this is a serious problem, I guess I can reformat it ext2 and might eventually do that anyway. Just thought I should be able to do anything she can do with the Mac.


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