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gnome shell - mouse mostly broken

Hi Everyone,

I have an ATI Radeon HD3870 installed on my F12 system.  For 3D, I've
installed the experimental driver package,
mesa-dri-drivers-experimental. 3D works: so far, so good.

Then, I switched to GNOME Shell. Things looked normal until I tried to
left click on the Actions menu - I got nothing.  Right clicking, pushing
the mouse pointer to the upper left corner, clicking the "+"
to add new workspaces, or trying to launch apps from the menu after
bringing it up with an "Alt+F1" key press didn't work either. So, the
keyboard appears to work properly.

What's strange is that left clicking the volume applet or right clicking
my name works fine (i.e. I can control the volume, I see a menu, etc.).

I use GNOME Shell on a HP laptop without any problems.  My USB mouse
works flawlessly on that system.

What could be the issue?



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