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Re: boot screen font size?

On Wed, 23 Dec 2009 20:19:05 -0500
Tom Horsley wrote:

> Which still leaves the question: Are there any .psfu console fonts
> bigger than 16 pixels high? (Like closer to 32 or 48 pixels maybe)?
> Or tools to convert existing fonts to .psfu?

Hey! If you poke around on google enough, you eventually find
what you need: http://www.seasip.demon.co.uk/Unix/PSF/

I used the psfxform tool to double the size of the latarcyrheb-sun16
font, gzipped it and copied it to the /lib/kbd/consolefonts/
directory (which is where I found the original), and then changed
the /etc/sysconfig/i18n file to say:


and I can now read the screen without squinting during boot.

I suppose if I wanted to go whole hog, I'd also change the
kernel boot parameter and rebuild the initrd to include the
new font, but since I boot with "quiet", nothing much comes
out in the old font anyway.

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