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Re: PIK microcontroller development issues

Les wrote:

> 	So my questions:
> 	1.  how should I proceed to discover any or all of the following:
> 		A. shared object file name

update your file location database with "updatedb". when prompt returns,
try "locate gpsim|grep .so" for gpsim. change gpsim for other progs to
find their .so files.

or from next "rpm -a -l gpsim|grep .so". change gpsim for other progs to
find their .so files.

> 		B. install paths

"rpm -q -l gpsim"

> 		C. errors being generated if they don's show up in the gpsim windows

as root or "su -", "grep gpsim /var/log/*"

> (clearly the cause of not quoting error messages here other than the one
> that gpsim couldn't find the processor which appears in two different
> forms depending on how I invoke it).

> 	2. A process to get gpsim working on Fedora (this seems to be a F11

go ahead and upgrade to f12, then work out any problems.

also, join fel list for cad/eda help.

> 	Maybe I can get some of you interested in neat microcontroller

already am and i am an al bigot. do not like cc++ for talking to micro cpu's.

i am using al from z80 and z8 days, and i still see no reason to change.

due to trashing from a finial update of f11 and then trashing, crashing and
wrecking when running auto upgrade to f12 and losing superblock on 3 drives,
i am now almost restored to f12.

after i clear up a few more problems with last kernel update, i hope to get
cad/eda working again and back to sweet life of design work.


peace out.



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