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Re: Firefox/Flash print problem -

On 26/12/09 21:51, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Bob Goodwin writes:

    This is an updated F-12 computer, in fact I have two and both have
    the same problem printing from flash in Firefox. When I ask it to
    print the menu comes up allowing me to select the printer and that
    accepts my selection, but no matter which of three printers I select
    it only prints to the "default" printer designated in

    Crossword puzzles collected as .pdf files print to whatever printer
    I select. Printing from the command line works normally too.

    Any suggestions on correcting this are welcome.

In about:config, check the "print.postscript.print_command" and "print.print_command" settings. If something is set for them, reset them to their default values.

These are shown as set to the default settings..


   print.print_command;lpr ${MOZ_PRINTER_NAME:+-P"$MOZ_PRINTER_NAME"}

I would assume that "-P"$MOZ_PRINTER_NAME"" is what forces the default printer but I have no idea how to change that?

It's not a killer of a problem and I can live with it but it just struck me as not being right! At first I thought I had another LAN problem. It only affects Flash in Firefox and the only thing I use flash for is a few crossword puzzles that I and other family members work every day. I've got them hooked too!

Thanks for the response.



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