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Re: How many people need to use the proprietary nvidia driver ? (Or other non kms driver ?)

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin colina demon co uk> writes:

>>>>> "Linuxguy123" == Linuxguy123  <linuxguy123 gmail com> writes:
    Linuxguy123> Please reply if you need to ( ie must) use the
    Linuxguy123> proprietary nvidia driver instead of the nouveau
    Linuxguy123> driver.

    Linuxguy123> DON'T reply otherwise, I don't want to hear a debate
    Linuxguy123> on the free versions versus proprietary or anything
    Linuxguy123> else.

    Colin> Stellarium won't work otherwise (it requires 3D
    Colin> acceleration).

    Linuxguy123> If you are using the proprietary nvidia driver or
    Linuxguy123> some other non kms equipped driver, how are you
    Linuxguy123> finding F12 ?  Ie do you experience freezing when you
    Linuxguy123> access some panel items ?

    Colin> No such problems for me.  -- Colin Adams Preston Lancashire

One problem I do have (and I'm guessing it's related to the proprietary
driver), is that if I try to switch to a non-X console (using
Ctrl-Alt-Fn), then all I see is a mass of linear colours.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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