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Re: PIK microcontroller development issues

g wrote:
> Les wrote:
>> 	So my questions:

in addition, i was not for sure if i had 'gpsim' installed yet, so first boot
this morning was to f12 and i do have it installed.

ran 'gpsim' from a terminal window to see what would happen and it came up ok.

that is until i open up additional windows from 'gpsim' gui and  i got same
errors as you did.

i did run 'locate' and 'rpm' as i mentioned and files are installed, they are
just not linking in for some reason or other.

i do not have my email files rebuilt past last month as of yet, but i did run
a search thru november and december and there is nothing related to 'gpsim'.

so, pull up page;


to get yourself subscribed so you can post the problem.



peace out.



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