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Re: Flash drive name change -

Bob Goodwin wrote:

> mkfs.msdos -n fd3 /dev/sdc1 seems to have done it!

good to know if i need to label a fat format.


> Before doing that it would no longer mount, once I ran mkfs it mounted when
> plugged in.

did you run "mkfs -t fat" or are you meaning when you ran "mkfs.msdos"?

> Fdisk said it was still formatted FAT32 so I haven't changed that yet.  I
> guess the next thing will be to make certain I can still write to it as it
> is.

fdisk should know. and if you can not write to it, at least you will know
what to do.

btw, 'man mkfs.msdos' and 'man mkfs.vfat', both bring up 'mkdosfs', so i
would guess prog is actually 'mkdosfs'.

> As for "leading me into problems," not to worry, I am quite able to find 
> them without your help!

thanks for that. :)

i am having a bit of fun myself with getting f12 fully up and working where i
feel secure in using it. hopefully in another week [or 2] i will have it all
working as well as i had fc8 and f11.

> And as you say it's been an interesting exercise.

live and learn. die and forget.

> Thanks for the help.

my pleasure. much luck to you.


peace out.



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