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Re: PIK microcontroller development issues

Tom Horsley wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 15:19:57 +0000
> g wrote:
>> i did run 'locate' and 'rpm' as i mentioned and files are installed, they are
>> just not linking in for some reason or other.
> That sounds like an ldconfig problem. The dynamic linker will only
> search for libraries in places ldconfig has been told about (or
> you can explicitly set LD_LOAD_PATH environment variable).

now that you mention it, something does sound familiar about 'ldconfig', but
it has been too long to have recalled just why of problem.

being that problem is in both les's and my install, it is something chitlish
and rest of 'fel' crew need to correct.

it is possible that it has already been addressed, but my emails do not go
back far enough yet for me to search for it.

google's database would be a good place to search if they had better
functioning of boolean searching.

another place page les should look from is;


'fel' crew have been working to have things grow from there, so les can run
further checking to see if any bugs have been reported the linking problem.

thanks for your reply.


peace out.



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