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Re: Flash drive name change -

On 27/12/09 10:30, g wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:
Before doing that it would no longer mount, once I ran mkfs it mounted when
plugged in.
did you run "mkfs -t fat" or are you meaning when you ran "mkfs.msdos"?


Fdisk said it was still formatted FAT32 so I haven't changed that yet.  I
guess the next thing will be to make certain I can still write to it as it
fdisk should know. and if you can not write to it, at least you will know
what to do.

btw, 'man mkfs.msdos' and 'man mkfs.vfat', both bring up 'mkdosfs', so i
would guess prog is actually 'mkdosfs'.

   I was able to write to  and read data from the flash drives when
   done so I guess they are good. I did two of them, changed the names
   to fd3 and fd4 instead of HP v100W.

   I also played with hexedit and I could change the name there also,
   tried changing it a couple of times and that seems to work.


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