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Re: Install Fedora onto (not from) an SD card

On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Gordon Charrick <gordonmc cox net> wrote:
> Does anyone have a way to install onto an SD card? I have been able to install on a USB stick but the installer doesn't see an SD card as a device to install onto.

That is because installing onto an SD card is not a good idea seeing as
SD cards are not intended for as many read/write operations as an OS
would need.
> I don't want this to be setup as one of those "live" distributions where you have your static part and then an overlay where you save any changes. I want the SD card to act as a hard drive (although a pretty slow one) where it'll have a /, /boot, and swap partitions.
Again not likely a good Idea with the live image you have a Hardware
layer that adapts to changing hardware however when you install as a
regular instance the kernel runs based on hardware present at the time
of install. Meaning if you did this and put the card in a new computer
with completely different hardware you might run into some nasty
hardware issues.

SD cards were and are not met to have high data transfers they are
intended for things like a Digi Cam to quickly save a file a few mb
possibly in size and then stop what you are suggesting would mean
frequent writes and reads on the card in excess of 5mb a second in some

Can it be done? Possibly however most people would recomend against it

Andrew Jamison

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