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Re: how to play .wav on login FC11 ??

jack craig wrote:
On 12/24/2009 02:42 PM, Robert Nichols wrote:
jack craig wrote:
Hi Folks,

I've been having a blast with audacity & a usb mic.

anyone tried to have an .wav (or .mp3) file play on login ?

I believe the method I just posted in the "Login sound in gnome desktop"
thread for FC-12 also works in FC-11. Create the directory
~/.local/share/sounds/freedesktop and put a file or link named
desktop-login.wav there. Either .wav or .ogg will work. Forget about
mp3 files.

nope, no audio; any suggestions to debug?

Might be ~/.local/share/sounds/__custom instead of freedesktop.  Or,
you could do what I did and run this (word-wrapped) one-liner:

strace -e trace=file -o /tmp/sound.trace /usr/bin/canberra-gtk-play --id="desktop-login" --description="GNOME Login"

Look at the end of /tmp/sound.strace to see what it was looking for.

That command, BTW, can be found from System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications -> GNOME Login Sound. I suppose you could just edit that
item to run any sound-producing command you want and bypass all of
the GNOME configuration muck.

Bob Nichols     "NOSPAM" is really part of my email address.
                Do NOT delete it.

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