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Re: Calendar with recurring tasks?

Gordon Charrick wrote:
It's been a while since I went looking for a calendar that handles this simple task only to be repeatedly disappointed. This is one feature that (uggh) Outlook handles right.

I want to keep track of monthly (or quarterly, or whatever) bills that recur. Assume it's Jan 1st and you have three bills due this month. You look at your task list and see the three bills along with the date they're due. You pay bill A and check off the task for that bill. Now you look at your task list and see 2 bills still due in January and one due in February. Pretty simple and logical way to keep track of monthly bills or other tasks that need to be done regularly, but haven't found any Linux apps that can handle this task. Anyone have any

I have been using the "remind" program for years. It takes input in text files and can generate task lists, text calendars for email, or HTML calendars to your web size. It handles things like "first tuesday after the first monday", the bizarre rules about when US holidays have been moved to make three day weekend and remove historical significance, and the like.

Also does differences, so you can print not only the birthday of kids but their age this year, anniversaries, last friday in the quarter, Easter, whatever. And you can generate documentation or actually execute programs, which is also handy.

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
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