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Re: problems with system-config-display and crtl-alt-backspace

Eric Tanguy wrote:
Le 27/12/2009 09:42, Paul Allen Newell a écrit :
To all:

Installed f12 without any problems.

Discovered that crtl-alt-backspace was disabled in f12 and how I could edit my xorg.conf to restore that feature.

Searched Fedora f12 web pages and they told me to install system-config-display to create an xorg.conf that matched the default that the opSys was using. Worked great and, to use the cliché, "groovy"

Reboot system and it immediately hangs after that cute little Fedora icon finishes to say that it booted. Just hangs and hangs. To use the cliché again, "not groovy".

I figure I have no choice but to reinstall (what's a few hours between friends (grumble)) ... but would like to know the proper (which may be not documented) way to restore "crtl-alt-backspace" to kick the X.

I have three computer on a KVM and I often need to kick one of them if it boots up and the KVM isn't directed at it cause its on one of the others.. I've never understood why X has to actually connect to the monitor to be correct, but X is pretty near a black box as far as I am concerned (sigh).

Thanks in advance,


In gnome, go to system, preferences, keyboard, after that i don't know the exact translation in english. So go to the 2nd tab, at the bottom right you find something like "options ..." and you find key sequence to kill the server ...



Thank you for reply, later email from Kevin Fenzi had like to website to show this as well. Once I've reinstalled f12, will give it a try.


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