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Re: problems with system-config-display and crtl-alt-backspace

Kevin Fenzi wrote:
On Sun, 27 Dec 2009 00:42:19 -0800
Paul Allen Newell <pnewell cs cmu edu> wrote:

To all:

Installed f12 without any problems.

Discovered that crtl-alt-backspace was disabled in f12 and how I
could edit my xorg.conf to restore that feature.

How did you discover this? Trying it in a gnome desktop? :)

Of course (smile)
Searched Fedora f12 web pages and they told me to install system-config-display to create an xorg.conf that matched the default that the opSys was using. Worked great and, to use the cliché,

Don't do that. See:

(with screenshots even! :)
There is no need at all to make an xorg.conf, and as you have seen it
can cause problems moving forward.

Many thanks for the link (gotta love when screen-shots are included!). When I went hunting on the web, I got stuck on the system-config-display thread which gives me an Xorg to put in DontZap info. I think I ended up on an F11 thread instead of an F12 as a look afterword shows me that my searches were Fedoraguide.info ... bad on my part for remembering prior forum discusssions about DontZap and jumping to wrong conclusion.

I wish my Goggling had hit this article first and/or instead ... another lesson learned by hitting thumb with hammer instead of hitting nail.

I am quite happy to not mess with Xorg, I remember it making my life miserable on fc5 and I wasn't exactly looking forward to having to mess with it again.

Once again, my thanks ... now I just have to reinstall to try it out,

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