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Re: Compiz -- Discussion

>> e.g. Open menu, instantly pick choice, versus open menu, wait for effect
>> to subside before you can even read menu, then pick choice.

Tom Horsley:
> Yea, reminds me of all the fancy menus in DVD and BluRay movies
> so beloved by the authors and despised by the poor users who
> just want to get to the dadgum Play Movie button :-).

Yeah, the whole reason why I bought the thing (to watch the film) being
subverted by time-wasting annoyances.

Here's how it's supposed to work (no, I'm not making this up).  Press
play, and the player starts playing the first title on the disc, which
is supposed to be the movie (just like CD digital audio).  Press the
title button, and I get the title menu to pick to do something else.

But no, some discs make you sit through two minutes of logos, warnings,
more logos, disclaimers, animated nonsense, trailers (on a bought, not
rental disc!), then finally (maybe) the movie.

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