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Re: Flash drive name change -

Bob Goodwin wrote:

> mkfs.msdos

ok. i was curious.

> I was able to write to  and read data from the flash drives when
> done so I guess they are good. I did two of them, changed the names
> to fd3 and fd4 instead of HP v100W.

that can work, as long as you do not get it mixed with 'fd = floppy disk'. ;)

> I also played with hexedit and I could change the name there also,
> tried changing it a couple of times and that seems to work.

thinking about 'floppy disk', something i am not sure about with
'flash drives', but it does apply to 'floppy disk', and 'hard disk',
there is a second block where label is stored.

with 'floppy disk', it is at 0x2600, with 'hard disk', it is dependent
on block size of disk.

so if you use a hexeditor, to change a label on a 'floppy disk' that has been
written with a program that does labeling, first do a 'find' to locate *both*
labels and change *both*.

this may well apply to a 'flash drive'. therefore, if you only change 1 and
not both, a disk checking utility may report an error.


peace out.



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