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Re: PIK microcontroller development issues

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 6:05 PM, g wrote:

> Yes the Fedora Electronic Lab mailing list might be helpful for you.

i am already on list. i imagine that "Les <hlhowell pacbell net>" will soon
be joining, as well as any members on this list that are interested in
micro controllers.

from comments you have made in fel list, i felt that you followed this list
also and would soon hear form you. glad you did not disappoint me. :)

> sdcc has its binaries in /usr/libexec/sdcc in order not to create
> conflicts with other general software.
> can you create a file "/etc/profile.d/mypiklab.sh"
> and add the following contents
> #--------
> export PATH=$PATH:/usr/libexec/sdcc
> #------

can, and will.

> Then reboot and try piklab again. If you still have issues with it,
> please post an example (on FEL's mailing list) so that we can
> reproduce this error.

will do tonight and post results to fel tsl.

> also, since you are interested in microcontroller programming, do check:
> * gnusim8085
> * gsim85
> * avra
> * mcu8081ide

i had many of the fel additions, above included, tho not all check out yet,
in fel f8 and f11, but do to 'auto upgrade' crashing and trashing system
beyond practical recovery, i am currently rebuilding under f12.

> PS: I'll be offline in the month of January.
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Vacation

enjoy your vacation.

> Please post your FEL related issues on FEL's mailing list.

when i find them, i will. fel tsl has help in keeping them to a minimum.

later, chit.


peace out.



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