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Re: problems with system-config-display and crtl-alt-backspace

Hi Paul,

On Sunday 27 December 2009 10:52 PM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
Suvayu Ali wrote:

If the OP is interested, the command line way to do this would be to
have one of your login scripts like ~/.bash_profile say,

setxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp


Thanks, this is interesting. So it is in .bash_profile and not .bashrc?
Is there a similar way to do in either cshrc or, preferably, tcshrc?

~/.bash_profile gets sourced by any "well behaved" desktop environment when ever you login. In my experience XFCE and WindowMaker does this. (I don't use Gnome/KDE as often, so can't comment on them).

~/.bashrc gets sourced when ever you open an interactive shell, maybe by opening a terminal emulator or login in remotely.

This means whenever you login remotely both ~/.bash_profile & ~/.bashrc gets sourced. However if you open a terminal emulator like gnome-terminal or xterm only your ~/.bashrc gets sourced.

So ideally, (As Tim said in a later post) your environment variables should be defined in your ~/.bash_profile where as your aliases and functions should be defined in ~/.bashrc.

What I say is true assuming your login shell is bash. Since you asked about csh or tcsh, as far as I understood from a quick look at the respective manpages (section: startup and shutdown) they behave differently. There is no file corresponding to ~/.bash_profile for either of them. (maybe this is how C-shells behave?) However ~/.tcshrc or ~/.cshrc does get sourced (in that order). So you can define this in one of those files and see whether this works.



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