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F12, GRUB, and dual booting irritation

Who was the genius that changed the GRUB config updating process?

Up until now, whenever a new kernel update came a long, GRUB's configuration file would remain basically the same, which would mean I didn't have to go in and manually set GRUB to boot to my Windows partition by default every single time. The Windows boot line(s) would stay neatly at the bottom of the file, and the "default=" line always pointed to 3 (if I remember correctly).

Now under Fedora 12, every update screws that up, by setting the default to 0. Now, I thought I had a solution after the previous kernel update: move my Windows boot configuration to the start of the boot configuration list, so it would be item 0, but the latest kernel update proved that this wasn't a solution either: the new kernel boot config is now at position 0, followed by Windows, then another two Fedora kernels...

Is there a way to get the old behavior (pre-F12) back with F12? Is this just a bug, and should I file it as such?


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