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Re: how to increase the number of cirtual desktops?

I assume you are working under gnome. Just right click with the cursor in on of the workspace icons, on the panel bar on the right. select preferences and you can change the number of virtual workspaces and other things.


2009/12/28 Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
 i'm embarrassed to ask this, but how does one increase the number of
virtual desktops in f12?  used to be there were 4, but with f12, after
a fresh install, there's only 2 and i've poked around under
System->Prefs and don't see a setting for that.

Related to that, I also keep a fair number of desktops, and I find that they take more of my taskbar than I wish to give them. My solution was to put a tray (aka drawer) on the taskbar, and put the desktop switcher in that. I usually leave it open, but I can gain the space it takes just by closing the drawer.

Then I have room for the monitor app on the taskbar, so I can quickly see if the system is running badly.  ;-)

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
 "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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