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Re: Compiz -- Discussion

> e.g. Open menu, instantly pick choice, versus open menu, wait for effect
> to subside before you can even read menu, then pick choice.
> The effects are *NOT* that quick that they add insubstantial delays.

For certain things and hardware some of the compositing costs are visible
(but it seems not as bad as they were in the past). I disabled
compositing on the my main box because it made both gimp and cad work
slower as the pointer became a bit too laggy to put up with when doing
fine work.

XFCE presents compositing much better than Gnome - you can turn it on/off
trivially and you get a meaningful user interface for configuring the
degree of transparancy on various objects.

The Gnome one on the other hand is all a bit strange, random bits of it
are hidden elsewhere (eg in the terminal app), and various things get
confused if you turn it on/off (eg gnome-terminal) - a bug thats a good
three years or more old now.


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