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Re: list server got slower ?

On 12/28/2009 11:36 AM, Sam Sharpe wrote:

> It would however mean that if the delay holds true, then you'd be able
> to get about 50 back/forth exchanges on any thread/topic a day - which
> is certainly more than most threads get on this particular list.
> --
> Sam

 I think of it more simply (not per poster but for the server as a
whole) - there is a pipe which can urinate outgoing messages at some
rate - the number of desired outgoing is

   Num_Out = num_subscribers x num_posts per unit of time ..

once the faucet/tap is on full - (whatever the max capability of the
outgoing servers is) thats the max outflow rate of messages. If Num_Out
ever exceeded the max flow rate of the servers there would be a bit of a

  Depending how many outgoing MX servers etc it may be a total non-issue
or could be a problem looming - only the server maintainers can really
see the load.

 However, if things go slow enough there is a potential problem that the
lists may overwhelm the outgoing MX servers.

 The observation I had is simply that the delay (which is in the
outgoing MX) has increased from 1-2 mins to 10 possibly higher. It is
the change in the delay that I thought was of interest.

  What to do with that observation is up to the list/mx maintainers I'd

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