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Upcoming Fedora IRC Classes for the week of 2009-12-28


This is a regular posting every monday,
letting people know about the upcoming IRC classroom sessions that are

From the Classroom page at:
we currently have the following Classes scheduled: 

Date and Time (UTC)	Class topic and Instructor
2010-01-06 -- 1500 UTC	 Packaging Sugar Activities -- SebastianDziallas
2010-01-07 -- 0200 UTC	  Basic Troubleshooting of Fedora problems -- KevinFenzi
2010-01-07 -- 1500 UTC	 Ambassadors tips and training -- MaxSpevack

We have several other classes in planning stages now, hopefully to be
announced soon. 

Please see the above page for more information on signing up to teach a
class, providing feedback to the classroom mailing list or other
general information. 


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