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Re: ARM microcontroller code development with eclipse?


This is what I'm recommending to a friend, coworker, for doing development work in a Linux environment at home for the ARM microcontroller below:





I just got a commercial development IDE from this place for use at work:


The company I work for paid for it and you're limited to just TWO installations using their Internet based license server. This is the same IDE used by the engineering groups at our sister companies. Everybody wants to use the same set of tools so code can be freely exchanged between the various departments. Yes you have to be on the Internet to connect to their server which does something with the serial number you get for your installation, by email, and a machine "fingerprint" that is registered with Keil. Once the license is installed it unlocks the package components depending on what you paid for.

This is very expensive at $4800 for the unlimited version, MDK-ARM, which is what you must have to get the RTOS option. Then if you want any extra libraries to do TCP/IP - USB etc. that's another $4895! So for a complete tool set you'll spend almost $10K!!!

For hobby use, or for those "midnight engineering" projects when you're done with your day job, one just can't spend that kind of money. Looking for free and open source tools is the only viable alternative. It seems that the ARM microcontroller is a VERY popular 32 bit device. I would like to see Linux support it with up to date tools and doc's out of the box so to speak.

The Keil IDE has some very nice features, like a logic analyzer - full peripheral emulation in the debugger - real time debugging using a JTAG interface etc., but you pay dearly for that. If you don't need it or can work without it then another solution has to be out there.

The above mentioned friend spent about $200 to get a development board, for home experimentation, from these people:


And several of the optional CPU complex's to plug in to it:


The above software tools are what I was recommending he try out for a programming environment. I haven't seen the tools that are included with the development board, but I wouldn't be surprised that they weren't that good. Thus my questions.


Leland C. Scott

"There is only one boss. The customer.
And he can fire everybody in the
company from the chairman on down,
simply by spending his money somewhere

-Sam Walton

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Subject: Re: ARM microcontroller code development with eclipse?


--- On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 1:19 PM, KC8LDO <kc8ldo arrl net> wrote:
| Anybody using eclipse for code development using the bin tool chain for the
| ARM 7 and the C/C++ plug-in?

No. I just use a Makefile with the set PATH.

| I'm looking for comments or suggestions on how to effectively setup the
| environment under Linux on a F11 or F12 box.

Which environment? Can you please provide URL for the tools that you
want to setup, and any INSTALL document?

You could also join the Fedora Electronic Lab [1] mailing list for
these discussions:


If there is some Free/Open Source Software that needs to be added, you
can file a ticket for the same:




[1] FEL. http://spins.fedoraproject.org/fel/

Shakthi Kannan

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