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Re: Support for my USB UMTS stick -> which package to patch?

2009/12/28 Felix Schwarz <felix schwarz oss schwarz eu>:
> Hi,
> I'm using a Huawei K3765 UMTS stick. I got it working using usb_modeswitch
> and a specific 'MessageContent'. After that the device changes its usb id
> and can be used as a modem.
> Now I want this stick to be supported by Fedora out of the box so I was
> looking around where I need to send patches. As this kind of hardware has an
> enormous amount of bugs/specific quirks, there are some projects that deal
> specifically with these topics:
> - usb_modeswitch
>  -> very specialised, not used by NetworkManager
> - modem-modeswitch (udev)
>  -> very limited functionality, 'option-zerocd' does not help for my device
> - ModemManager
>  -> as far as I can see no support for switching usb ids.
>  -> however this software is made to support hardware quirks
> So which software should I tackle in order to get my device supported?
> fs
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I am using a Huawei 1692 that is working with F11, but not with F12.
I see that you are still using FC8, aren't you??? If so I suggest to
upgrade your system (I would upgrade to F11, to be prudent..)
See also this bug:


Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag
SIP: antoniomontag ekiga net

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