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Re: Monitor doesn't turn go into powersave

Bob Goodwin writes:

On 27/12/09 20:27, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
After updating to FC12, the monitor on one of my servers no longer turned off when the console was idle.

This wasn't the end of the world, so I didn't give this much importance. This weekend I had some extra time to spare, and I've now determined that if I boot with nomodeset, the monitor properly goes into powersave mode.

That seems to be the only difference. Everything works fine either way, except that by default DPMS does not work automatically.

I thought that, perhaps, with the oddball video card on this older server (mach64 chipset) DPMS is not implemented when the video card is in VESA mode, but I can run 'xset dpms force off', and the monitor goes into powersave mode immediately.

Is this a bug, or, despite the fact that DPMS is apparently working, in VESA mode, this may not be supported on my hardware?

    This F-12 desktop computer never shuts down the monitor either, I've
    checked the screen saver settings several times and it's set to five
    minutes, should just blank the screen to black, the preview check
    works, I even switched from xfce to gnome and see the same setting.
    The monitor itself offers no feature to blank the screen when idle,
    I just checked the OSD menu looking for that, a Dell LCD.

    It worked as expected on all earlier Fedoras.

If running 'xset dpms force off' puts your monitor into powersave mode immediately, and if you boot with 'nomodeset', and that makes powersave work for you again automatically, then you have the same bug.

After pondering this, since 'xset dpms force off' works to put the monitor into powersave mode, then this has to be a bug. I just need to figure out what to file a bug against: gnome-power-manager, x.org, or kernel.

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