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Re: Problem with gstreamer

On Mon, 28 Dec 2009 17:49:34 -0500, Marcel wrote:

> > The -devel in the name means that these are
> > optional packages needed by software developers, including people who
> > (re)compile/(re)build software packages from source code.
> Is that why I have:
> rpm -q /var/lib/yum/yumdb/g/(checksum?)-gstreamer-devel-
> package is not installed
> ===========
>  Or is it a syntax problem?

The problem is that you're throwing in a command that doesn't make any
sense at all. What the heck are you trying to do there with yumdb?
Not even the RPM query is correct. With plain -q, the RPM query expects
package names, but you give it a file name. Even if it were a -qf query,
the files in the yumdb are not tracked in the RPM database as they are
run-time files and don't belong into any package.

> If not, it's strange that it is downloaded
> by default and not installed.

Can't comment on that because you don't show any details.
> Any idea as to why Rythmbox isn't working after the upgrade F11 to F12
> of a 64 bit system?

You haven't given enough details there either. Trouble-shooting could
start with creating a fresh user account to try Rhythmbox with (or
basic GStreamer commands in a shell). Secondly, you could use RPM
to verify all gstreamer* packages you find on your system (or even
remove and reinstall them).

With regard to your crash of "package-cleanup", it should be fairly easy
to debug it as long as you can reproduce it. It's Python -- source code! --
you could print out the offending value that causes a type error and
track down where it comes from.

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