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Re: Monitor doesn't turn go into powersave

Bob Goodwin writes:

On 28/12/09 17:52, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
xset dpms force off

If running 'xset dpms force off' puts your monitor into powersave mode immediately, and if you boot with 'nomodeset', and that makes powersave work for you again automatically, then you have the same bug.

After pondering this, since 'xset dpms force off' works to put the monitor into powersave mode, then this has to be a bug. I just need to figure out what to file a bug against: gnome-power-manager, x.org, or kernel.

    Yes when I do "xset dpms force off" The screen goes black which is
    what it should do if the screen saver worked..

    To do "nomodeset" I will have to reboot is suppose but not sure how
    to apply that, "startx --nomodeset" perhaps or do I have to do it in
    grub? Yes, you say boot with it. Not sure where to put it in grub.

It's a kernel boot parameter, append it at the end of the "kernel" line in grub.conf

Another thing that I've noticed -- if you have a leftover /etc/X11/xorg.conf from the previous Fedora release, rename xorg.conf and restart, letting X start with a default configuration.

I haven't yet fully verified it, but even if I boot with the unmodified kernel boot line, after removing xorg.conf, it looks like power management also starts working.

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