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Re: problems with system-config-display and crtl-alt-backspace

Paul Allen Newell wrote:
> I think part of my confusion is that I am not understanding whether a
> login shell covers everything that is done once I have logged in via
> splash screen or if it is confined to "logining into a shell". If the
> former, then I would assume bash_profiles is hit once and everything
> done thereafter would be under its command. If the latter, then I am
> probably unclear about whether launching a terminal is a "login" act
> (hence under bash_profile only within that shell).
> As I said on my initial reply to this thread, "Naive question". I may
> be missing a fundamental understanding of shells and logins and all
> that sort of stuff.
A login shell is what it says it is.  A shell created as a consequence
of logging in.  That could be a console login in run level 3, the GUI
login screen in run level 5, an ssh login from a remote system, etc. 
Starting, for example, "gnome-terminal", does not constitute a login shell.

One thing you can do to learn when .bashrc and .bash_profile are sourced
is to add something like....

touch /tmp/bashrc.time   to the end of your .bashrc file and a similar
line to your .bash_profile.  Then you can
"ls -l --time-style=full-iso"  (to display the seconds).

I also think you may want to learn about PID's and PPID's  (Process ID,
and Parent Process ID).

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