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Hard Drive upgrade with Fedora 12 installed


I'm trying to upgrade the hard drives in my computer, and I could use some help transitioning the Fedora 12 installation that I have to the new hard drive without reinstalling the operating systems that I have on my computer. I have had PC DOS 2000 installed on a 6 GiB hard drive, Windows XP Professional on a 40GB hard drive, and Fedora 12 on another 40 GB hard drive. I have purchased a 500 GB hard drive to take the place of the two 40 GB hard drives.

The XP and the PC DOS I can handle, but I am unsure of how to transition the Fedora 12 installation due to the fact that I know next to nothing about SELinux, how it affects /etc/fstab since Fedora started enabling SELinux by default years ago, nor how to copy/rebuild the /dev and /proc trees on the new hard drive. Any help you can give me would seriously be appreciated.


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